Cataracts, implants & lenses

For most younger people (under 35) Laser Eye Surgery remains an excellent treatment with reliable outcomes, but as we get older changes in our eyes mean that Laser surgery is often not appropriate. In these cases alternatives such as Refractive lens Exchange, also known as presbyopic lens exchange, may be a more appropriate treatment.

Refractive Lens Exchange

In Refractive Lens Exchange the eye’s natural lens is replaced with an artificial lens in a procedure identical to cataract surgery. The replacement lens is capable of correcting very high levels of long and short sightedness and even high levels of astigmatism.

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Cataract surgery and premium lens technologies

If your vision is affected by cataracts our surgeon can help you to see better by combining the very latest techniques in small incision cataract surgery and refractive lens technologies. This gives you the best opportunity to be less dependent on glasses after cataract surgery.

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