What is LASIK?
LASIK is a form of laser eye surgery. It involves creating a protective flap of skin on the front of the eye and then reshaping the eye surface (cornea) with a laser. In combination with Custom-Vue wavefront guidance the eye can be very accurately measured to ensure the best possible results. LASIK can remove long or short-sightedness to give people normal vision. LASIK can also be used to correct astigmatism. It can make people independent of glasses, sometimes for the first time. The first part of this procedure used to done using a mechanical blade (microkeratome) but now, using modern laser techniques, the flap can be created using a bladeless laser technique known as Z-LASIK.

What happens at my eye check?
When you visit your surgeon you will be asked many questions about your vision, and your requirements and expectations will be discussed. Your eye will be thoroughly examined. If you are a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery your options will be discussed with you.

What happens on the day of the procedure?
On the day of surgery a scan of the front surface of the eye will be taken. This scan, together with the results of your previous examination, will be used to calculate the amount of reshaping needed.
You will then be taken to the operating room. The procedure is performed with you awake and the eye is thoroughly anaesthetised for the procedure. Sedation is often given to ensure you are relaxed.
Two lasers are used to perform the procedure. The first will create a very thin flap on the front of your eye. A second laser is then used to reshape the cornea before the protective flap is replaced. An hour or so later your eye will be examined to ensure everything is as it should be and then you will free to go home.

While we do not currently undertake Laser eye surgery we would be happy to offer a free consultation to assess suitability and then recommed suitable experienced surgeons for treatment if appropriate.


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