Wavefront guided laser surgery

Laser surgery involves reshaping the front surface of the eye with a laser to remove the need for glasses in people who have a refractive error (glasses prescription).

Some laser treatments are performed using the patient’s glasses prescription to calculate how much laser treatment is needed. Other techniques are guided by using a special camera (the Wavefront Laser Scanning Camera) to measure the shape of the eye directly rather than relying on the glasses prescription alone. This Wavefront technique is more accurate than the standard technique and is the very latest method of measuring the amount of laser surgery needed.

Your eye would usually be measured using the Wavefront Laser Scanning Camera just prior to the surgery being performed and the readings then used to calculate the amount of surgery needed to be performed.

While we do not currently undertake Laser eye surgery we would be happy to offer a free consultation to assess suitability and then recommed suitable experienced surgeons for treatment if appropriate.


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