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The gift of renewed, cloudless sight

Having spent my working career within medical support, with particular emphasis on referral of patients forward for specialist intervention, I had no hesitation in choosing the consultant ophthalmologist I respected and trusted when I personnally needed advice and further care. I was not disappointed. Having diagnosed bilateral cataracts, Mr. Kersey spent with me explaining in

A huge Thank you!

I was recommended to Mr Kersey after my optician diagnosed cataracts.  On my first appointment Mr Kersey explained my options.  I found him very easy to talk to.  He suggested a treatment plan to remove my cataracts and give me lens implants.  On both occasions the procedures were trouble free and painless and Mr Kersey’s

Symfony Multi-Focal Refractive Lens Exchange

Having struggled with Contact Lens for several years and disliking wearing ‘face furniture’, albeit having chosen expensive fashionable glasses, a friend recommended that I look into Refractive Lens Exchange which she had had done in the States.  I must admit I was a little sceptical about this especially not being the bravest of patients!!  I

Completely happy and confident throughout

I had cataract surgery performed by Mr. Kersey on my left eye in June and right eye in September. Left eye distance vision, right eye near vision. I am extremely pleased with the result. I can read without glasses. The down side is I can see dust and dog hair that I couldn’t see before!

I can’t believe the difference

I can’t believe the difference that this has made to my life. I can read, drive, watch TV and do all the other things that I used to be able to do before my eyesight started to go. Having tried contact lenses and needing to wear glasses more frequently, Dr Kersey was recommended to me

Amazing results

I went to see Mr Kersey late Dec.2014. After an extremely informative but relaxing consultation it was agreed that I would benefit most from refractive lens surgery. Right and left eye respectively were operated on mid Jan 2015 and early Feb 2015,with amazing results. I found Mr Kersey to be most professional whilst still able

Aftercare was excellent

I went to see Mr Kersey because I had fast growth cataracts in both eyes.   Having no history of eye problems I was nervous and unsure about what to expect.    Mr Kersey was professional, calm and reassuring and assured me that it wouldn’t hurt at all – it didn’t! Following advice I opted for blended

It has changed my life

I used contact lenses for many years until I started to have dry eye problems, and could only wear them for a few hours a day. I ended up having to wear my glasses more often, which I hated. I decided to go and see Mr Kersey about lens replacement surgery, as he had been

Kindness and confidence

Kindness and confidence; that’s what Mr Kersey gave me when having my cataracts removed. My concerns all disappeared and I was really relaxed during my operations. The aftercare was excellent and I couldn’t ask for more. It’s been four weeks since my last operation and I CAN SEE without glasses for the first time. Thank

My eyesight has improved enormously

On 8 May 2014 at the Nuffield I underwent ‘a left refractive lens exchange with intraocular lens implantation’ for my left eye. This was the second eye for the procedure, the first being on the 10 April, my right eye. I felt no discomfort whatsoever on either occasion and  was very well looked after by


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