Accommodation is the natural lens in the eye changing shape so that what you are looking at is in focus.

We are all born with a flexible lens inside our eye which focuses the incoming light, a bit like the lens in a camera. When we are young this lens can change its shape easily. If you are normal sighted, when the eye is resting it is in focus for objects in the distance. If you wish to focus on a nearby object then small muscles inside the eye squash the lens and make it fatter, which brings the near object into focus.

As we get older the lens stiffens and becomes less able to change its shape. This eventually leads to many people becoming dependent on reading glasses (Presbyopia).

Once presbyopia occurs then people are increasingly dependent on glasses. If you wish to be more independent of glasses then treatments are available which can help. For some patients wearing contact lenses may give them back some reading vision. For people who are not keen on wearing contact lenses other treatments are available, including presbyopic lens exchange and Blended vision.

If you currently wear reading glasses and would like to discuss the options to reduce your dependence on them then please feel free to make an appointment with our surgeon here at the Bournemouth Eye Clinic.


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