What is Myopia?
Myopia, or short-sightedness, is a form of refractive error.

In short-sightedness the eye is in focus for near things when resting and can focus on objects much closer than normal people when the eye is accommodating (working to focus).

People who are short-sighted need glasses or contact lenses to see clearly in the distance, but can take their glasses off to read or see things which are close to them.

Younger people with myopia sometimes wish to be free of their distance glasses and laser eye surgery is often able to achieve this. If they are very short-sighted then it may not be possible to correct them with laser eye surgery and refractive lens exchange or an intraocular contact lens may be an appropriate treatment.

Older patients who are short-sighted and have early cataracts may elect to have their short-sightedness corrected at the time of their cataract surgery. There are several options available including Multifocal lenses or Blended vision.


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