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On 8 May 2014 at the Nuffield I underwent ‘a left refractive lens exchange with intraocular lens implantation’ for my left eye.

This was the second eye for the procedure, the first being on the 10 April, my right eye.

I felt no discomfort whatsoever on either occasion and  was very well looked after by Mr Kersey and his team before, during, and after the ‘operation’.

My eyesight has improved enormously:  I can now read notices in shop windows, read size and most price labels in M&S and supermarkets without always reaching for glasses.

I can also see more clearly whilst driving and no longer need glasses for eating (unless it were to be a sardine!).  I used to always need glasses for eating, even at home, and this is no longer necessary.

I can also peel vegetables and do gardening without glasses.

The dog has an eye infection at the moment and I can wash his eyes without reaching for my glasses which is something I could never have done before the procedure.

The level to which I still need glasses depends on the light quality, print definition and size.

For example I do use glasses whilst reading in bed, and some magazines, some menus.

In summary:  there is a remarkable improvement in my eyesight, though I do need to wear glasses on occasion, the times I do need them has reduced so much as to make a marked difference to my daily life.

P Newton

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