What happens when I have cataract surgery?

What happens when I have cataract surgery?

Removal of the cataract requires a small surgical procedure to be performed.

You will be asked to attended the hospital for a few hours and on arrived with be escorted to your room and meet the nursing staff looking after you for the duration of your stay.

Your eye will need to be prepared for the surgery which involves the instilling of a number of eyedrops. When you are ready you will be escorted to the operating room and your eye will be thoroughly cleaned and numbed using further eye drops.

You will be lying down at this point and a bright light will be shone at your eye while the other eye is covered so you not be able to see anything other than the light.

A tiny hole is made in the eye, through which the old cloudy lens is removed and the new lens is inserted.

After the operation a clear plastic shield is used to cover the eye to prevent you rubbing it by accident. This is left on until the following morning.

You will be asked to use eye drops four times a day for four weeks and will be seen in the clinic between one and two weeks after surgery.

In adults the operation is usually performed with the patient awake. Sedation can be given for those who may be nervous.


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