Laser Eye Surgery

Here at the Bournemouth Eye Clinic we understand that people can be frustrated with the need to wear glasses, and later in life this can be more frustrating with the need for several pairs.

We feel that where people have difficulties with their vision it is important that they are given a detailed explanation of their condition and the treatments which are available to help them.

Our surgeon is happy to discuss the options that Laser Eye surgery can offer you and your eyes, to allow you to reduce your dependence on glasses.  Laser Eye surgery options include;



Wavefront Guided Laser Eye Surgery


If Laser Eye Surgery is not appropriate for your eyes then our surgeon will let you know. If alternative treatments are more suitable then he will discuss these with you. Our surgeon will only offer you a treatment which he feels is right for you and your eyes.

As our surgeon is also an experienced cataract surgeon, if you have cataracts we can not only treat your cataract but also, at the same time, use the latest lens technology to reduce your dependence on glasses.

If you would like to discuss with our surgeon the options available to you with Laser Eye Surgery, or other forms of refractive surgery, please feel free to book an appointment.



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